Build your own IPTV system, no need to re-cabling, no need to temporarily suspend business. Nov 03, 2021
      Dingshengwei (SOUKA) is a company that provides a complete head-end digital interactive video system, providing professional IPTV/hotel VOD solutions for domestic and foreign IPTV system operators and hotel VOD system integrators. We propose a perfect solution to the users based on the actual situation of the users. Then, we will provide the user with their own opinions and answer the advantages and disadvantages of each solution for them.

1. In the case of coaxial cable wiring, there are many old hotels and guesthouses in China. In the previous planning, the current IPTV was not considered. Now if you want to change to IPTV, you don’t want to change the original one. If the shaft cable is wired, Dingshengwei can also realize IPTV. We will put all the program sources in the head-end control room for processing, and put our network bridge local end and network bridge terminal at the weak current well and terminal respectively. The function of these two is to output the IP signal of our VOD system with a coaxial cable, and then separate it to the terminal and connect it to the STB. But for this kind of coaxial cable, it depends on whether the head-end equipment uses analog signals or digital signals, because these two signals are related to the clarity of the TV picture and the stability of the signal, and the installation is more complicated.

2. In the case of network cable wiring, it is more convenient to do so. We are not to mention it. As long as the hotel can provide a network cable interface to the back of the TV to connect to the set-top box, it will be more convenient for us. Just add our IPTV set-top box. With this kind of network cable wiring, the first is to facilitate management and future upgrades, and the second is to better receive program information, and the TV picture will be clearer and more stable.

3. In the case of coaxial cable + network cable wiring, I don’t have to say anything about this, because coaxial cable can transmit live programs, and network cable can transmit VOD. In this case, firstly, the risk is greatly reduced. If one party has a problem, the other party can keep working. This guarantees the hotel's service quality.

4. In the case of optical fiber cabling, more and more star-rated hotels in China have adopted optical fiber cabling. Because of optical fiber cabling, the first advantage is that in terms of network broadband, guests will be able to surf the Internet very smoothly; secondly, also The transmission speed and quality of our TV programs in IPTV system are also greatly provided. However, for the terminal part, the hotel still needs to provide equipment such as optical modems for our set-top boxes to connect with network cables, or purchase special floor switches in weak current wells. The new generation of souka IPTV set top boxes have been developed. If this kind of optical fiber wiring is used, the new souka set-top boxes can be directly connected in the later stage.

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